Movers in Bergen County, NJ

Checklist to Follow After Hiring Movers in Bergen County

Say that you already know the Bergen County moving company you’re going for. What else do you need to keep in mind, then? Here’s all you need to do before the big move:

Cut Down on Your Possessions

While some of us are hoarders, the rest are practical about their belongings, and it’s the latter attitude that is needed when you are moving to someplace new. Taking all your belongings to the new place is not just expensive, but also unnecessary. Therefore, take a look at all your items, and think about which are the ones that you absolutely need, the ones that you could part with, and the ones that can be given away immediately. Divide them on the basis of their practical, financial, and sentimental value, and that way it will be easier for you to choose.

Create a Moving Inventory

The Bergen County moving company will be making a list of everything that needs to be shifted from your old place to the new one. However, you need to make a list of your own so that you can verify later or look it up in case you think something is missing. Make a list of the types and number of things, their estimated value, unique features, which room they will be located in, and so on. The moving inventory sheet will aid you to assess your needs as well as getting an estimate of how much your move will cost.

Decide on a Moving Date

Deciding when you want to move is a crucial thing to factor in. There are, of course, practical questions to ask, such as the beginning of a new job, the starting of a new school year, the ending of your lease agreement, and so on. Moving during the peak seasons could often cost you more with some places, and you also have to remember that certain months come with unfavorable conditions that could pose hurdles in your move. Keeping all of this in mind, decide on about two dates that you think will work best for you and your family.

Creating a moving calendar is just as important as deciding on a moving date. You don’t want to leave everything for the last minute, after all. Whether this means selling some of the unwanted items or giving them away to friends and family, make sure all of it is done so that it doesn’t feel overwhelming towards the end.

Gather Your Important Documents

While you’re busy moving from one place to another, all the important documents you own need to move with you as well. Moving companies Bergen County NJ will ensure all your vital documents get shifted safely, but organizing them in an orderly manner is your responsibility. This includes everything from personal documents, medical bills, and financial documents, to paperwork related to property, real estate, or your kids’ education. Sort them into different envelopes and folders and mark them accordingly so you can identify them easily at your new place.

Cancel Subscriptions and Switch Utilities

Get in touch with your current service providers and disconnect all the utilities in your old home the day after you move out. Cancel your wifi, newspaper service, cable, landline, and so on. Also make sure to cancel any memberships you might have with the local organizations and clubs. Ensure that the water, electricity, and gas are running at your new place before you move in. Pay all the necessary installation charges or deposits involves so that your utilities are running from day one.

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